About Us

Celtic Fireworks was established in Pembrokeshire in 2004 as an import/wholesale business to provide fireworks for professional display companies in the firework industry.

Early customers included Pyro 1, Selstar, Pendragon, 21CC, Celebration SW and Fireworks Scotland to name but a few and I am proud to say that they are still buying Celtic product.

We have grown since then to become one of the largest wholesalers of professional grade (cat4) fireworks in the UK and since 2012 have also been supplying retail product.  For the past 4 years we have been based on the Alconbury Weald Enterprise Campus in Cambridgeshire.

Our category 4 range numbers over 700 lines and we supply most of the largest display companies in the UK – as well as the smallest. 

Our retail range is now over 60 items including some of the most talked about fireworks in the UK. 

Our sole aim is to provide the best quality fireworks for the best price in the UK.